This is a house in an evocative location, an oasis in the heart of the Mediterranean in which to experience the sea and savour the treasures it offers every day.

Popula is a wonderful page-turner of a story about long days by the sea, in which the lulling sound of the waves is matched by the shimmering reflections of the sun caressing a crystal-clear sheet of water.



At Popula, every traveller is welcomed, taken by the hand and accompanied on a journey of relaxation, wellbeing and studded with precious flavours, expertly brought in the dishes of a refined menu.

Popula’s story imprints indelible memories in the hearts of those who come across our extraordinary and delicate land.


We belong to our sea

Popula – Mediterranean Bayis a dreamy bay in the heart of Rivabella in Gallipoli that tells of the beauty of the sea and food.
An intimate and cosy house, located in a place that recreates all the marvellous charm of the Mediterranean and that gathers its most precious daily gifts to offer them to its guests in dishes that remain in everyone’s memories.
Welcome to your corner of peace and relaxation, where you can immerse yourself in an evocative atmosphere that, as the sun goes down, is tinged with soft shades and offers moments of romantic contemplation over the Gulf of the Città Bella.
Embraced by this picturesque cove, our guests can indulge in an experience of regeneration of the senses that goes from the wonder of the eyes to caressing the palate.

Sea Food

Your holiday in the heart of Gallipoli is enriched with an itinerary of discovery through the delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine.

In the morning and at lunchtime, discover the selection of Popula’s Burgers, prepared with high quality ingredients to offer you a tasty break that does not renounce to the elegant imprint of our gastronomic proposal.


Sunset Dream

Completing the selection are the preparations of the Facula® artisan workshop, with its traditional pastries that offer inimitable sweets and fragrant bakery and diner products.

When evening falls, the palate is pampered by a classy tasting menu, born of the flair and wisdom of chefs in love with Mediterranean cuisine. A journey of enchantment, winding through dishes of sea and land that celebrate the thousand facets of Salento tradition, reinventing it in a refined and contemporary guise.


Salento cannot be explained


Stay and look at infinity

June 2022


We are waiting for you in the heart of the Mediterranean

info@popula.it – +39 329 530 6241

Popula - Mediterranean Bay

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Popula - Mediterranean Bay

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Popula - Restaurant

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